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Mission Race Cars will initially offer a basic “Constructors Kit”. This kit includes all the MRC designed parts that have been developed for the car since its debut in 2009. All other parts required for a completed race ready car can be purchased off the shelf from various suppliers.


The car can be completed with basic automotive tools and hand held power tools. Basic skills required to finish the car would include:


  • Plumbing proper brake, oil, and fuel lines
  • 12v electrical wiring for the loom
  • Drilling and riveting for the firewall and various nut plates, bodywork fasteners, etc.
  • Cutting and sanding of fiberglass for fitting the bodywork
  • Basic mechanics skills to assemble the power train and suspension components.

No welding or other specialized fabrication work is required.


MRC is also interested in delivering assembled kits to meet specific customer needs. Kit pricing, parts list and delivery information can vary given development updates etc. Contact MRC for more information.